Vulcan to the Sky

The last flying Avros Vulcan (XH558)

Avros Vulcan XH558


The Avro Vulcan is one of Britains most iconic aircraft alongside the Spitfire and the Hurricane.

Its role during the coldwar was an important one, used as a deterrent and a show of power to the USSR and the US during one of the worlds most uncertain times. This aircraft had an amazing payload and could carry if needed the dreaded Atomic Bomb (A-Bomb). Find out more on 'Vulcan to the Sky's' website.

DealerButtons.co.uk are honoured to get involved with this charity and have created a design which we hope will inspire:

Poker Card Protector Vulcan XH558

This item as always will be limited to 1000 pieces and can only be bought through the official Vulcan to the Sky website. All profits will go to this amazing charity so we urge you to support the cause and grab one of these fast.



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