Welcome to the best and coolest, original Dealer Button / Poker Card Protector site on the internet. All products on this site are limited to 1000 pieces (each numbered) made of the highest quality and cannot be bought anywhere else. Each Dealer Button / Poker Card Protector comes with a limited edition collectors tin to complete your Poker set or to show you mean business when you sit down at your next game.

What is a Dealer Button?

A Dealer Button or Buck is an essential item in a game of Poker and indicates the Player who is dealing. The deal starts to the left of the Dealer Button and at the end of each hand the Dealer Button moves one person to the left. The Dealer Button is also vital to the placing of the blinds (the starting bets) at the start of each hand. To the left of the Dealer Button is placed the Small Blind (small bet, amount defined before the hand begins) and the to the left of the Small Blind the person places the Big Blind (big bet) usually twice the amount of the Small Blind. This ensures betting starts and continues fairly for each hand. As with the Dealer Button the position of the Small and Big Blinds always moves one person to the left.

What is a Poker Card Protector / Card Guard / Card Marker?

A Poker Card Protector, Poker Card Guard or Poker Card Marker is usually a lucky token/weight which is placed over the hole cards (starting cards dealt to each player faced down) to ensure they are not tampered with or blown/knocked off the poker table. The Poker Card Guard is also a useful tool to ensure the hole cards are not gathered together by the Dealer during each round of betting. A Poker Card Marker is certainly a very useful accessory when playing Poker in any land based casino.


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